Private Lesson Scholarships

Students are encouraged to take private lessons to sharpen their skills.  While it is the mission of the faculty and staff of the T.C. band to give each student the highest level of instruction possible, the reality is that the student teacher ratio in each band class is approximately 17:1.  In addition, there are at least ten different instruments in each class that require at least ten different performance techniques.

Private lessons allow students an opportunity to have one-on-one instruction with a professional on their instrument.  Students who cannot afford private lessons are encouraged to set up help sessions with their directors after school, but private lessons are the preferred method improving individual skill.  A list of private instructors teachers is posted on the Band Bulletin Board located outside of the band office. You can earn 25 points toward your band letter by taking at least 5 months of lessons on the instrument you play in band.

The TC Williams Band Boosters support scholarships for private lessons. The better each individual plays, the better the whole band sounds, marching or sitting. If you don’t already have a private lesson instructor, talk to Mr. González or Mr. Rogers. They know several they can recommend, and you can very likely get a scholarship to cover part of the lesson fee. If you already have an instructor, talk to them about the possibility of a scholarship to cover part of the lesson fee.

Get the Private Lesson Scholarship Application here. (PDF)

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