TAG DAY 1: September 13, 2014, 8am-1:00pm
TAG DAY 2: November 15 (especially for those who will be at a high school sporting event on September 13)

What is TAG DAY? TAG DAY is the T.C. Band Boosters’ primary fundraiser and is critical to our ability to support the band program. Donations collected from the community are used to purchase and maintain equipment and uniforms, finance scholarships and provide scholarship and chaperone assistance with the cost of the bands’ annual trip.

Participation is mandatory for ALL band students. Students who cannot participate must be exempted in advance by Mr. González, as well as submit the permission form indicating their exemption. It is essential to have an accurate count so transportation can be planned.

We need parents to drive and supervise the student teams. Each volunteer parent drives 2 or 3 teams (4-6 students) to an assigned neighborhood. The parent remains in his or her car while the students go door-to-door. Drivers may relax while staying in sight of the students at all times. Students are not allowed to drive themselves or other students.

Without parent drivers, we will not have a TAG DAY which would mean selling more candy, frozen pizza, cheesecakes, nuts, etc., or, paying out of your pocket. TAG DAY drastically minimizes the number of other fundraisers necessary to support the band program.

Here’s the basic TAG Day timeline:

8am: arrive at TC Williams. Breakfast snacks courtesy of the Boosters

8:15-8:30am: Parents gather in Orchestra room for their briefing; students gather in the auditorium for their briefing.

8:30-8:45am: Students form their groups and get matched with parent drivers; parent drivers pick up the route sheets, etc., herd their group into their car and head to their assigned neighborhood.

9am: commence canvassing assigned neighborhood

12:30pm: return to TC for lunch courtesy of the Boosters

Students should wear a band T-shirt if they’ve got one, jeans and black marching shoes (if they’ve got them) or sneakers (if they don’t). NO BAGGY JEANS OR DISPLAY OF UNDERWEAR ALLOWED!

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